A family farm in the beautiful hilltowns of western Massachusetts.....healing the world through conscientious agriculture

We are a small family farm located in the Pioneer Valley hilltown of Plainfield in Western MA. We grow culinary herbs and produce "the way nature intended," without the use of Maia and Jayden plantingharmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. We also raise registered Nubian Goats and purebred Finn Sheep. Treading lightly on the earth is important to us; we are working on becoming "oxen powered."

We apply biodynamic preparations to our soil and are working toward organic certification.

Derek, Maribeth, Maia & Jayden Ritchie

Looking for Land - We've found our new home.

Sangha Farm is very happy to announce that we have found & moved onto our very own farm.  The fall of 2011 & early winter of 2012, we were very busy, we bought a very successful goat cheese company Goat Rising in October.  November we closed on our new farm located in Plainfield.  Mid December we moved our whole family.  

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